Free entry | Over 700 bikes | ideal place for events and training

Welcome to our website! It was the time in July 2015. After an intensive rebuilding and many battens the new Mountainbike Museum was opened in Arnhem by none other than former Olympic Champion Bart Brentjens. Museumowner and pioneer Jeroen van Roekel (43) performed miracles, because despite very hard circumstances and without a cent subvention he managed to realise this unique mountainbiketemple. Over 700 bikes of more than 160 different brands, rare parts, distinc retroshirts and valuable documentationmaterial. Even Specializeds founder and chairman Mike Sinyard was very impressed!

“We we were allowed to take a first glimpse inside the museum-to-be at the end of 2013 we already said it was a raw diamond . In the meantime Jeroen has  ampy succeed with a small army of volunteers, a clear ambition and a dose of energy to polish this raw diamond. Something to be proud at and something a biker has to visit (or re-visit!). Even if  you are not a collector or maybe not even a outspoken fan of old stuff, the museum will give you a pleasant section of what makes this young sport to all that is and this in our own Dutch backyard!

Sources: Bikefreak & Velozine

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