“Most of us own more than one bike. A hardtail and a fully, a fully and a roadbike, or maybe all three. Or, maybe you own two fullies. One to use in a rural area and a heavier one for the dirty work in a different country. Maybe this description isn’t covering half your “collection”.

Big chance that even when it is 4-times as much of what I just described, you are not even close to the number of bike Jeroen van Roekel has got. About 600. And some more… or something like this. But I may be mistaken about some 100 bikes or more.

There are many people who are collection and most of the time they do this for themselves. On the one hand because the collection isn’t that grand, one the other hand because they don’t feel the need to share it any way. None of these facets play any role what so ever for Jeroen; he is a furious collector of classic mountainbikes and parts and everybody may know! The collection is not only imposing in size, but also in content. Name a obscure, rare model and there is a very big chance he has one (or even more) in his possession…

The exact number apears unknown. Maybe even overdone? Maybe even underestimated … Fact is Jeroen has a close group of friends and fellowcollectors who as true henchmen trace Ebay and other sites like this for him as classic collectorsboss and therefor the collection is still growing.”

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(Source: Velozine)

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