How did it all start? By Jeroen van Roekel.

In the early nineties I started riding mountainbikes. And after I bought my second mountainbike I did not want to sell my first one (a Panasonic MC3500).  This was the start of my collection. After a while I started buying and restoring old rental mountainbikes from a local bikeshop. Only to save them from being sold as scrap metal.

In the following years lots of rare and expensive bikes and parts became available secondhand and cheap. So I started buying old bikes, frames and parts. This was the beginning of my collection.

Also, lots of bikers knew I was collecting bikes and dropped them off together with parts. At a certain moment it kinda went overboard and I could not store all the stuff I had collected. So for several years I was looking for a suitable space to store and maybe show my collection. By a stroke of luck this old schoolbuilding became available. It took the better part of a year to transform this old building into a museum. Small steps led to the opening of the museum in the summer of 2015. And I am certain that you will enjoy your visit!

The building of the museum